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With many spring holidays right around the corner (Passover even starts tonight at sundown), it’s time to turn out attention to setting the perfect holiday table. Let InsideSeen be your guide and your source to set the table this year.

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The Goliath Table is perfect for holiday dining, and as a space saving trick, it compresses down to only “17 inches long.

First things first. Hopefully you already have a table, but in case you don’t we suggest the the Goliath Table by Resource Furniture, or another modern expansion table mentioned in our recent blog. The Goliath expands from a 17″ console table to an unbelievable 115″ long dining table, so it’s the perfect versatile table. And, expert tip: if you need to fit a few more people at your holiday table, consider using a bench instead of chairs to save space. Read more about it another recent post.

Now that you have your table squared away, you’ll need to cover it. We suggest using a runner so you don’t have to cover every inch of your beautiful new table. For an inspired idea, try creating a runner or tablecloth out of one of FabricSeen’s reversible fabrics. We all know it’s quite likely that Auntie Babs will spill her red wine on your tablecloth, but with a reversible tablecloth, you can just flip the cloth over, et voila, clean table!

colorful plate and platter to set the table

The Klaus platter and salad plates by Iittala are perfect for a spring or summer table.

Next you’ll need actual table settings. We love the Klaus collection by Iittala available at Emmo Home. The Finnish- and Japanese-inspired design will add a pop of color to your table. And if you’re overwhelmed by the idea of a full set of china, complement the platter and salad plates with solid white or cream dishes to give the eye a resting point on your completed table.

modern white porcelain goblets, set the table

These white porcelain glasses will add a modern flair to your table.

To emphasize the white plates and create a harmonious table, use the Thirsty Stemmed Glasses designed by Catherine Levy and Sigolene Prebois from Horne. With their slightly irregular shape and clear glazed porcelain, these versatile glasses can be used as goblets for wine or water, and they’re dishwasher safe for easy clean up.

modern stainless steel flatware

Stainless steel flatware elegantly compliments a modern table.

Of course you’ll need flatware and serving utensils. The Colombina Flatware available at A + R is a timeless and elegant award-winning set from world renowned couple Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas. Stainless steel will give any table setting a modern look.

Modern napkins and napkin rings.

Napkins and napkin rings are a must for completing a table setting.

Because no table is complete without napkins and napkin rings, we suggest the fun and funky napkin set (with matching tablecloth) from Stodio Ooga and the Wood Veneer Napkin Rings, both available at A+R Store.

oven to table cookware

Cookware from A + R Store makes it easy to transfer food from oven to table in seconds.

And finally, don’t forget one necessary step to a complete table setting, the food! Homemade meals are always a treat, and they are even more so when served in the oven to table cookware from A + R Store. Sagaform’s simple stoneware Oven to Table Serving Bowls can be set anywhere thanks to their wooden stands and are available in multiple sizes. Christian Bijorn for Menu’s Stackable Oven to Table Cookware lets you go from freezer to oven to table, and three stackable sizes allow for countless configurations in the oven and on the table. Scalloped cutouts allow air to circulate in the oven, ensuring evenly heated food.

Now time to enjoy a well-set table and a delightful holiday party. For more perfect pieces to set the table, shop AccessorySeen today!

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